Marko Vujicic, PhD (Co-Chair)
Associate Professor
University of Pittsburgh Department of Health Policy and Management

Natalia Chalmers (Co-Chair)
Director, Analytics and Publication
Dentaquest Institute

Jacqueline Burgette, PhD, DMD (Vice Chair)
Assistant Professor
University of Pittsburgh

Lisa Simon, DMD (Communications Liaison)
Fellow in Oral Health and Medical Integration
Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Joana Cunha-Cruz
Research Associate Professor & Associate Director, NWCPHP
University of Washington

Eleanor Fleming, PhD, DDS, MPH
Dental Public Health Resident, CDC/NCHS
Boston University

Kopal Mathur
Program Manager, Biological Sciences Division
University of Chicago

Elizabeth Mertz, PhD, MA
University of California San Francisco

Michael Monopoli
Executive Director
Dentaquest Foundation

William Scanlon
West Health

Benjamin Sommers, PhD, MD
Associate Professor of Health Policy & Economics
Harvard School of Public Health