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Health Equity

Evidence on how to evaluate, address and improve equity is an important area of work for AcademyHealth and its community of members and partners.

Blog Post       We Are the Light of Justice that Will Not Be Extinguished

We Are the Light of Justice that Will Not Be Extinguished

Kealoha Fox outlines a 10-year effort that resulted in billions of dollars of government investment in programs that connect cultural values to social determinants of health in Hawai‘i. Dr. Fox presented this work at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Sharing Knowledge conference, organized in partnership with AcademyHealth.
Posted Jul 31, 2020 By Kealoha Fox, Ph.D., M.A.
Blog Post

HSR Must Reject Racism, Turn Evidence into Action for All

In a statement following nationwide protests, AcademyHealth President and CEO Dr. Lisa Simpson calls on the field to address diversity and inclusion in the workforce, bias in data and methods, and support wider and better dissemination of evidence to uncover and address systemic issues that increase disparities and negatively impact health.