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We envision a future where individuals and communities are made healthier by the use of evidence in decision-making. Our staff, members and partners produce and use evidence to improve health care and ensure the methods, data, and workforce exist to make research more reliable and relevant.

Making Health Care Better

Health services research definitions are plentiful and detailed, but it all boils down to making health care better by asking and answering questions about what works, for whom, in what circumstances and at what costs. AcademyHealth, its members, partners, and affiliated journals produce evidence and reports that answer those questions, with an emphasis on delivering better care, understanding and improving how we pay for care, building healthy communities and using health data to achieve those aims.

Using Health Data

The explosion of health-related data has created new opportunities to understand how health care is delivered, paid for and preserved. Health services evidence helps us understand how to identify, validate, share and analyze data to improve health.

Paying for Care

Health care costs are a significant area of concern for everyone from patients to policymakers. Health services research evidence looks at different ways to address cost growth, encourage efficiency and quality, and provide for care via insurance, Medicare and Medicaid so that people receive the best care at the best value.

Making Research Better

This section includes the latest evidence on how to produce better, more relevant research. It includes insights into the skills and diversity of the HSR workforce, the development and maintenance of a robust data and information infrastructure, perspectives on good governance and ethics, and scholarship on how to work with a variety of stakeholders, including patients and consumers.

HSR Resources & Methods

AcademyHealth provides information on the latest developments in the field of health services research (HSR). In this section you will find evidence and tools for understanding the HSR literature, making optimal use of existing methods and evaluating and using new methods for research.

HSR Workforce Development

One way AcademyHealth works to improve both the supply and quality of health services research is by assessing the skills and composition of the HSR workforce, and building programs that respond to emerging needs. This section includes evidence on the makeup of the HSR workforce as well as programs to improve and support its diversity and relevance.

Patient & Consumer Engagement

AcademyHealth is committed to supporting and fostering collaboration between consumers, patients, researchers and delivery systems leaders to improve the relevance and application of health services research. This section contains information on related programs as well as guidance and resources for researchers, patients and consumers.

Translation, Dissemination & Implementation

Evidence around translation, dissemination & implementation helps the field of health services research move its findings more effectively into policy and practice. This section offers evidence and programs that help research producers better understand the needs of research users, helps place research in context, and test new and innovative approaches to moving knowledge into action.