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Data Sources

From wearables to electronic medical records, data on health and health care has myriad sources and uses. AcademyHealth programs and the community of health services researchers are looking at evidence on how to evaluate and use data from a wide variety of sources.


Preparing Nursing Home Data from Multiple Sites for Clinical Research

Nursing home research is often obstructed by the limited amount of research-quality patient data present in electronic form. In this case study, authors converted nursing home patients’ health data regarding falls and fall-related injuries into electronic forms to create a database for nursing home research using their converted data.

Community Health Peer Learning Program

​The Community Health Peer Learning (CHP) Program aims to advance progress toward population health improvements through the expanded capture, sharing, and use of electronic health data from diverse sectors. Engaging ten Participant Communities and five Subject Matter Expert (SME) communities in a peer learning collaborative, the CHP Program builds community capacity and supports the identification of data solutions, acceleration of local progress, and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned.