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Find contact information for AcademyHealth staff members.


Lauren Adams, M.A.

Director of Communications and Public Relations - AcademyHealth

Lauren Adams, M.A., is director of communications and public relations at AcademyHealth, where she oversees pu... Read Bio


Edward Brown

Manager, Graphic Design and Art Direction - AcademyHealth

Mr. Brown is Manager, Graphic Design and Art Direction at AcademyHealth, with more than 16 years experience in... Read Bio

Brian Cardillo

Brian Cardillo, M.A.

Senior Marketing Manager - AcademyHealth

Brian Cardillo is the senior marketing manager at AcademyHealth, where he develops and oversees all marketing ... Read Bio


Gennice T. Carter

Director, Meeting Operations - AcademyHealth

Gennice Carter joined AcademyHealth in January 2000 and is the Director, Meeting Operations, and has more than... Read Bio


Megan Collado, M.P.H.

Director - AcademyHealth

Megan Collado is a director at AcademyHealth, where she manages a number of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gra... Read Bio


Rachel Dungan, M.S.S.P.

Senior Manager - AcademyHealth

As Senior Manager, Rachel develops and applies strategies for translating and disseminating public health syst... Read Bio


Margo Edmunds, Ph.D.

Vice President, Evidence Generation and Translation - AcademyHealth

As Vice President for Evidence Generation and Translation, Dr. Margo Edmunds leads AcademyHealth's portfolios ... Read Bio

DEdwards headshot

Deborah L. Edwards, M.A.

Vice President of Operations and CFO - AcademyHealth

Ms. Edwards joined AcademyHealth (previously Alpha Center) in May 1997. She is responsible for directing the f... Read Bio


Bemnet Faris

Communications Coordinator - AcademyHealth

Bemnet Faris is the communications coordinator at AcademyHealth where she assists in the promotion of AcademyH... Read Bio


Sandy Fried, M.A.

Conferences Manager - AcademyHealth

Sandy Fried joined AcademyHealth in October 2015 and is the Conferences Manager on the conference team. In thi... Read Bio

Lauren Gerlach headshot

Lauren Gerlach, M.P.P.

Senior Manager - AcademyHealth

Lauren Gerlach is a senior manager at AcademyHealth, where she manages the day-to-day work of the Translation ... Read Bio

M Gluck headshot

Michael E. Gluck, Ph.D., M.P.P

Senior Director, Evidence Generation and Translation - AcademyHealth

Dr. Michael Gluck has over 25 years’ experience working with researchers, analysts, other experts, policymaker... Read Bio


Stacy L. Halbert

Director of Information Technology - AcademyHealth

Stacy Halbert is currently the Director of Information Technology at AcademyHealth. He is the lead engineer, d... Read Bio

AHammer headshot

Amy Hammer, M.A., M.P.A.

Senior Director of Conferences - AcademyHealth

Amy Hammer joined AcademyHealth in February 2013 and is the Director of Conferences. She is responsible for th... Read Bio


Lindsey Horan, M.A.

Senior Manager, Advocacy - AcademyHealth

Lindsey Horan is AcademyHealth’s senior manager for advocacy, helping to execute the organization’s grassroots... Read Bio


Tracie Howard, CMP

Meetings Manager - AcademyHealth

Tracie Howard joined AcademyHealth in September 1999. As a Meetings Manager in the Educational Conferences and... Read Bio

Hutchins headshot

Tiffine Hutchins

Senior Membership Coordinator - AcademyHealth

Tiffine Hutchins joined AcademyHealth in March 2009 as a coordinator for the membership department. Read Bio


Tamara Infante

Conferences Associate - AcademyHealth

Tamara Infante is an associate supporting the conferences team. She provides logistical and planning support f... Read Bio


Beth Johnson, M.P.H.

Senior Manager - AcademyHealth

Beth Johnson, M.P.H. is a senior manager for the Research and Education in HSR team, managing a portfolio of p... Read Bio


Kyu Kang

Research Assistant - AcademyHealth

Kyu Kang joined AcademyHealth as a Research Assistant in November 2015. She works primarily to provide substan... Read Bio


Laura Keys

Office Assistant - AcademyHealth

Laura M. Keys is the Office Assistant at AcademyHealth and the welcoming face into the AcademyHealth office. H... Read Bio


Marya Khan, M.P.H.

Senior Associate - AcademyHealth

Marya Khan is a Senior Associate at AcademyHealth. She is responsible for conducting analyses and managing pro... Read Bio


Tamika King, M.B.A.

Grants Manager - AcademyHealth

Originally from Chicago, Illinois Tamika began her career in Grants and Contracts at the Rehabilitation Instit... Read Bio


Grace Kranstover

Program Coordinator - AcademyHealth

Grace Kranstover is a Program Coordinator at AcademyHealth supporting the President and CEO, and the Vice Pres... Read Bio

EMV Headshot

Enrique Martinez-Vidal, M.P.P.

Vice President, State Policy and Technical Assistance - AcademyHealth

Enrique Martinez-Vidal is vice president for State Policy and Technical Assistance at AcademyHealth. He is cur... Read Bio


Zenneia McLendon

Digital Strategy Associate - AcademyHealth

Zenneia McLendon is the Digital Strategy Associate at AcademyHealth operating within the communications depart... Read Bio


Sandy McNeil

Director - AcademyHealth

Sandy McNeil joined AcademyHealth in November 2010. As a director in the conferences department, Ms. McNeil is... Read Bio


David Padgham

Senior Associate - AcademyHealth

David Padgham is a senior associate at AcademyHealth and managing editor for eGEMs, AcademyHealth’s peer-revie... Read Bio


Treva Pierre

Senior Office Operations Manager - AcademyHealth

Treva Pierre joined AcademyHealth in February 2002. She has more than five years of administrative experience. Read Bio


Peter Plourd, M.B.A.

Senior Director, Information Technology - AcademyHealth

Peter is the Academy’s Senior Director of Information Technology. His responsibilities include overseeing the ... Read Bio

Powell headshot

Teasha Powell, M.S.

Human Resources Director - AcademyHealth

Teasha Powell joined AcademyHealth in August 2006 and is the Human Resources Director. With over nine years of... Read Bio


Alison Rein, M.S.

Senior Director, Evidence Generation and Translation - AcademyHealth

Ms. Rein is a Senior Director for Evidence Generation and Translation at AcademyHealth, where she directs seve... Read Bio


Clare Roche

Student Membership and Chapter Coordinator - AcademyHealth

Clare Roche joined AcademyHealth in August 2014 as the student membership and chapter coordinator. Ms. Roche's... Read Bio

KRosengren headhsot

Kristin Rosengren

Vice President, Strategic Communications and co-Director, AcademyHealth Translation and Dissemination Institute - AcademyHealth

Kristin Rosengren is Vice President, Strategic Communications, at AcademyHealth, leading the organization’s pu... Read Bio

Raj Sabharwal
Committee Member, Staff

Raj Sabharwal, M.P.H.

Director - AcademyHealth

Mr. Sabharwal is the Director of Strategic Alliances at AcademyHealth, where he works on projects that support... Read Bio


Nisha Shah Kanani, M.P.H.

Senior Associate - AcademyHealth

Ms. Shah is responsible for the outreach, maintenance, and marketing of HSRProj, a database funded by the Nati... Read Bio

L Simpson CEO Headshot
Board Member, Committee Member, Staff

Lisa Simpson, MB, BCh, M.P.H., FAAP

President and CEO - AcademyHealth

Dr. Simpson has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of AcademyHealth since 2011. A nationally recog... Read Bio


Samantha Smith, M.S.P.H.

Research Associate - AcademyHealth

Samantha Smith is a research associate at AcademyHealth, where she supports the work of the Translation and Di... Read Bio


Caroline Ticse

Research Assistant - AcademyHealth

Caroline Ticse is a Research Assistant at AcademyHealth supporting a number of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-... Read Bio


Caitlin Waite

Program Coordinator - AcademyHealth

Caitlin Waite is the Program Coordinator for multiple projects including the AcademyHealth Delivery System Sci... Read Bio

Board Member, Staff

Paul Wallace, M.D.

Senior Scholar - AcademyHealth AcademyHealth Board Past Chair

Paul Wallace, MD, is the former Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President for Clinical Translation at Op... Read Bio


Jen Zaudtke, M.A.

Staff Accountant - AcademyHealth

Jen Zaudtke is a Staff Accountant at AcademyHealth. Her responsibilities include managing the day-to-day accou... Read Bio