The Methods Council is currently chaired by Dr. Lucy Savitz, Vice President for Research at Kaiser Permanente, and comprised of 21 members representing the multiple disciplinary perspectives in health services and policy research. The Methods Council meets twice per year, in the summer at the Annual Research Meeting, and in the fall  via a web-based meeting.

The Methods Council has four primary responsibilities:

  1. Assist AcademyHealth in developing strategies for professional development in health services research;
  2. Provide guidance to the ARM planning committee on emerging and relevant methods themes;
  3. Provide guidance on ongoing AcademyHealth projects and activities on an ad hoc basis; and
  4. Facilitate collaboration among the Methods Council and other AcademyHealth Councils, AcademyHealth members, and the Board on AcademyHealth’s activities related to new methods and training.

Learn more about the 2017 Methods Council members here.