AcademyHealth respects your concerns about maintaining the privacy of personal information you may provide to us, and we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot access any information you provide to us. Except as noted below, we do not sell, rent, share, or otherwise willfully disclose to third parties any personally identifiable information shared with us through:

1. This Web site or other Web sites administered by AcademyHealth.
2. Annual elections for AcademyHealth’s Board of Directors.
3. Membership in AcademyHealth.
4. Periodic surveys of members and affiliates.
5. Administration of the Annual Research Meeting, National Health Policy Conference, or similar AcademyHealth-sponsored events.
6. Administration of our various programs and projects sponsored by foundations, government agencies, or other organizations.



There are five exceptions to AcademyHealth's sharing of personally identifiable information to third parties:

  1. As necessary for the management of membership benefits, we will share the names and mailing information of our members and affiliates to the publishers of journals provided to members and affiliates. These journals are currently Health Services Research, Health Affairs, and the Milbank Quarterly.
  2. Consistent with accepted practice for most professional societies, third parties may rent our membership mailing list for a fee provided they demonstrate to our satisfaction that their planned mailing will reasonably be of interest to our members or affiliates. Upon request, organizational affiliates of AcademyHealth may receive, free of charge, up to two of our membership mailing lists each year. We also occasionally trade mailing lists with other health care-related organizations to help, for example, promote our respective conferences or recruit new members. However, we do not share the email addresses or telephone or fax numbers of our members and affiliates.
  3. As a service to participants, AcademyHealth will publicly share lists of registrants to our Annual Research Meeting, National Health policy Conference, and similar AcademyHealth-sponsored events.  
  4. In the course of administering programs and projects sponsored by foundations, government agencies, or others, AcademyHealth may share personally identifiable information with the sponsors or other third parties to the extent necessary for the management of the program or project. This may include such information as participants in program-related meetings or workshops, including their contact information and biographical sketches.
  5. The identities of our board members, officers, employees, committee members, sponsors, and organizational affiliates are not confidential.

Please note that, for the purposes of this privacy policy, subsidiaries, sub-contractors, and sponsored programs of AcademyHealth are not considered third parties.