Therefore, we support evidence-based decision making at the state level by:

  • facilitating peer-based learning networks;
  • convening meetings for health care decision makers at all levels;
  • serving as a bridge between decision makers and researchers to increase the relevance and rigor of research;
  • advancing the quality, applicability, and availability of the methods and datasets used in research; and
  • providing overall direction and management of state-based projects.

Descriptions of AcademyHealth’s past and present state-based projects, as well as links to project websites and resources, can be found below.

Pilots & Programs

  • State Health Research and Policy Interest Group
    The State Health Research and Policy Interest Group a forum for health policy analysts, researchers, and policymakers to interact and discuss state-level health services research and health policy
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) Evaluation Projects
    AcademyHealth participates in several Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) grant evaluation projects, studying the impact on pediatric healthcare quality, health outcomes, and costs, and disseminating the results.

Past State-based Projects

  • State Coverage Initiatives (SCI)
    SCI provides timely, experience-based information and technical assistance to state leaders in order to help them move health care reform forward at the state level.
  • State Health Reform Assistance Network (State Network)
    The State Network program is dedicated to providing technical assistance to ten states with essential resources to implement key health insurance coverage provisions in order to maximize coverage expansion under the ACA.
  • Technical Assistance for New Jersey Safety-Net Accountable Care Organizations
    AcademyHealth partnered with the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute to design three workshops in 2012 and 2013 to provide offer technical assistance to NJ communities that are working to become certified safety net ACOs. These workshops focused on topics such as data and governance / business planning issues; community and stakeholder engagement strategies; and the various types of payment reform and practice transformations needed to implement a successful ACO.
  • State Quality Improvement Institute (SQII)
    AcademyHealth coordinated the State Quality Improvement Institute (SQII) to provide technical assistance and support for state quality improvement efforts.