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Professional Development

Grey Literature Web Conference Series

This three-part Web conference series provided an overview of grey literature and approaches to searching the grey literature for health services research; a consumer's guide to conducting advanced searches of grey literature; and a producer's perspective on the "searchability" of grey literature and how to effectively produce and distribute research.

Evidence Roadmaps

A publication of the Translation and Dissemination Institute, Evidence Roadmaps provide a selected minimal set of key resources on a given topic, including research studies, grey literature, and systematic reviews. The Evidence Roadmaps to date focus on topics identified as a part of the Institute’s Listening Project.

Translation and Dissemination Institute

​AcademyHealth’s Translation and Dissemination Institute helps the field of health services research move its findings more effectively into policy and practice. It undertakes activities that enable research producers to better understand the needs of research users, helps place research in context, and serves as an incubator for new and innovative approaches to moving knowledge into action.