AcademyHealth encourages students from a wide range of academic backgrounds to participate in the Student Chapter Program. Following are student chapters based in various schools and disciplines including health services research, health policy, public health, medicine, nursing, economics, health administration, pharmacy, and a number of health-related subjects. While AcademyHealth recognizes the importance of specialized training, we believe that through multidisciplinary collaboration students can have a more comprehensive learning experience. 

AcademyHealth is proud of its growing list of student chapters. If you want to participate in an existing chapter, simply email one of the officers listed below. If your university does not have an AcademyHealth student chapter, it's easy to start one, and AcademyHealth staff will assist you every step of the way. Our Chapter Toolkit has everything you need to get started.

*Student chapter leadership:

Arizona State University - Health Data Academy
  Contact: Dalena Kensington
  Faculty Advisor: Sean Dudley

Boston University
  Co-President: Tim Levengood
  Co-President: Natrina Johnson
  Co-President: Sarah Zahakos
  Faculty Advisor: Steven Pizer

Brown University
  President: Shekinah Fashaw 
  Faculty Advisor: Vincent Mor

City University of New York
  President: Brooke Prashker
  Vice President of Professional Development: Erin Rogers
  Vice President of Communication: Kristen Cribbs
  Vice President of Membership: Jack Hayes
  Board Member at Large: Shirley Berger
  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alexis Pozen

Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health
  President: Susan Refice
  Treasurer: Nabeel Qureshi
  Faculty Advisor: Miriam Laugesen

Drexel University, Health Management and Policy
  President: Katie Nelson
  Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Purtle

Emory University
  Co-President: Ellen Walker
  Co-President: Gabriel Rodriguez
  Special Events Chair: Subha Shanmugavel
  Faculty Advisor: Fred Sanfilippo

Georgetown University
  President: Eytan Gittler
  Director of Communications: Emily Baccaglini
  Faculty Advisor: Michael A. Stoto

George Mason University
   President: Mary Louise Pomeroy 
   Vice President: Eric Beinhart
   Secretary: Dina Abdo
   Treasurer: Iqrah Ehsan 
   Community Liaison: Constance Owens
   Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Henderson

George Washington University School of Public Health
   President: Atlang Mompe
   Vice President: Sara Balsam
   Secretary: Nikki Kanthety
   Communications: Bianca Desai
   Treasurer: Stephen Bowden
   Recruitment Chair: Vinay Naidu
   Recruitment Chair: Alyssa Llamas
   Faculty Advisor: Wayne Psek

George Washington University, VSTC, School of Nursing
   Co-President: Amanda Avenoso
   Co-President: Lindsay Beattie-O'Connor
   Secretary: Karen Hamblin
   Communications & Events: Christina Rogers
   Faculty Advisor: Anne-Marie O'Brien, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC

Georgia Southern University, Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health
  President: Allen Johnson
  Vice President: Dayna Alexander 
  Treasurer: Kellie Penix
  Secretary: Ravneet Kaur
  Recruitment Coordinator: David McDermott
  Faculty Advisor: Gulzar H. Shah

Howard University, College of Pharmacy
  President: Adaku Ofoegbu
  Vice President: Iman Ahmed
  Faculty Advisors: Mary Maneno
                                  Earl Ettienne
                                  La’Marcus Wingate

Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis, IU Fairbanks School of Public Health
  President: Heather Taylor, MPH
  Vice President: Carol Mills, RN, MS
  Recruitment and Membership Chair: Katie Allen
  Data and Methods Chair: Elizabeth Danielson
  Treasurer: Kevin Wiley
  Faculty Advisor: Olena Mazurenko
  Faculty Advisor: Sharron Crowder

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  President: Mani Keita
  Vice President: Chelsea Liu
  Faculty Advisor: Jill Marsteller

Oregon State University
President: Diana Govier
   Faculty Advisor: Jangho Yoon
Penn State University
  President: Yinan Wang
  Vice President: Hannah Ahn
  Treasurer: Katherine Callahan
  Secretary: Di Yang
  Faculty Advisor: Yunfen Shi

Rutgers University
  President: Kathryn Riman
  Co-President: Rishi Desai
  Co-President: Ameya Jindia
  Faculty Advisor: Pamela de Cordova

Texas A&M, School of Public Health, Health Services Research
 President: Nima Khodakarami
 Vice President: Mohammad Karim
 Treasurer: Eniola Olatunji
 Secretary: Nikita Wagle
 Faculty Advisor: David J. Washburn

Thomas Jefferson University, College of Population Health
  President: Michelle Kavin
  Vice President: Hema Gandhi
  Treasurer: Carrie Kanzinger
  Secretary: Alison Brecher
  Faculty Advisory: Marianna LaNoue, PhD, MS

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  President: Mir Ail
  Vice President: Neeraj Dayama
  Secretary: Clare Brown
  Faculty Advisor: Holly Felix

University of California Los Angeles
  President: Kate McBride
  Vice President of Internal & External Affairs: Taylor Rogers
  Faculty Advisor: Thomas Rice

University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus
President: Maggie Reid
  Vice President of External Affairs: Kelsey Owsley
  Vice President of Membership Activities: Mika Hamer
  Faculty Advisor: Glen Mays

University of Florida
  President: Samantha Larson
  Vice President: Raj Desai
  Faculty Advisor: Nicole Marlow

University of Iowa
  President: Hannah Rochford
  Vice President: Redwan Bin Abdul Baten
  Secretary/Treasurer: Stevland Sonnier
  Faculty Advisor: Hari P. Sharma

University of Kansas Medical Center
  President: Tiffany Pothapragada
  Vice President of Operations: Dorothy Hughes
  Vice President of Finance: Jonathan Hamdorf
  Faculty Advisor: Jessica Williams
University of Maryland, School of Nursing 
  President: Lucie Roach 
  Secretary: Lucy Plaugher
  Junior Secretary: Dana Frank
  Research & Policy Chair: Salma Sharaf
  Faculty Advisor: Sherrie Lessans

University of Maryland, School of Public Health
  President: Aitalohi Amaize
  Vice President: Deanna Barath
  Secretary/Treasurer: Ellesse Akre
  Faculty Advisor: Luisa Franzini

University of Miami
  Co-President: Emely Sanchez
  Co-President: Melissa Santiago
  Faculty Advisor: Adriane Gelpi

University of Michigan 
  President: Sharon Thomas
  Vice President: Sarah Rosenblum
  Treasurer: Virginia Lefever
  Education Chair: Sharoni Bandyopadhyay
  Professional Development Chair: Rebecca Copeland 
  Advocacy Chair: Stephanie Hughes
  Faculty Advisor: Holly Jarman

University of Minnesota
  Co-Presidents: Alex Everhart
                             Brent Leininger
                             Ian Williamson
  Reporting: Colleen Longacre
  AcademyHealth Liaison: Zach Levin
  Faculty Advisor: Karen Kuntz

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  President: Tsion Ghedamu
  Treasurer: Anne Achieng Murunga
  Faculty Advisor: Morris Weinberger

University of Pennsylvania
Chair: Yoonhee Ha
  Faculty Advisor: 

University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry
  Chair: Yechu Hua
  Co-Chair: Di Yan
  Secretary: Yunjiao Mao
  Treasurer: Tianwen Huan
  Faculty Advisor: Elaine Hill

University of Texas Health Science Center, School of Public Health
  Co-President: Anthony Akande
  Co-President: Bethanne Moskov
  Secretary: Jarrod Eska
  Faculty Advisor: David R. Lairson

University of Toronto
  President: Kristen Pitzul
  Vice President: Jocelyn Pang
  Communications Officer: Avi Biswas
  Communications Officer: Sara Clemens
  Outreach Officer: Juliana Yi
  Student Liaison Officer: Kailean McKellar
  Student Liaison Officer: Anum Khan
  Faculty Advisor: Walter P. Wodchis

University of Washington
  President: Raymond Ruiz
  Vice President: Tessa Matson
  Faculty Advisor: Paul Fishman

Virginia Commonwealth University
  Co-President: Augustus White
  Co-President: Heather Saunders
  Vice President: Erin Britton
  Treasurer: Muloongo Simuzingili
  Webmaster: Sandra Lamm
  Faculty Advisor: Andrew Barnes
  Faculty Advisor: Jan Clement
  Faculty Advisor: Sarah Raskin

*AcademyHealth Student Chapter leadership was last updated January 2020.