Why Attend?

Through meaningful dialogue and small group discussions, attendees will:

  1. Achieve a practice-based overview of federal policies and available resources that support a dynamic health care ecosystem.
  2. Gain insights into innovative applications of analytic and predictive technologies that support health care provider data needs.
  3. Identify opportunities for innovative methods development and applications of data in evidence-based practices supporting federal value-based health care payment policies.
  4. Explore new sources of data that provide contextual insights into patient-centered care and population health.
  5. Examine and project how the changing environment is expanding the questions that can be addressed while attracting new participants and enabling novel business models for knowledge development and sharing.
  6. Participate in activities that provide an overview on the current state of data use and needs for capabilities and training from data analysts.
  7. Learn how digital health is both disrupting and transforming health care while offering rich data opportunities and presenting new privacy challenges.

Who Attends the Institute?

The program is designed for individuals leveraging health data to transform health care, including but not limited to:

  • Data Officers
  • Chief Medical and Health Informatics Officers
  • Health Plan Benefits Officers
  • Entrepreneurs in Health Care
  • Health Services Researchers
  • Leaders in a Health Care Delivery System
  • Patient Experience Officers
  • Population Health Analysts
  • Quality Improvement Leaders
  • Service Designers


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"Brought way more information than I anticipated. Usually at conferences, there are a handful of sessions that are really valuable. At this conference, they all exceeded my expectations." - 2018 Attendee