Dr. Proctor’s teaching and research are motivated by the question, how do we ensure that people receive the very best possible care?  She has studied this question in a variety of social work, public health, and health care settings, ranging from hospitals to community agencies. She has contributed to the intellectual capital for the rapidly growing field of dissemination and implementation science, leading teams to distinguish, clearly define, develop taxonomies, and stimulate more systematic work to advance the conceptual, linguistic, and methodological clarity in the field.  Her recent studies address how organizations and individual providers can adopt and deliver evidence based programs and interventions. Her research has been funded by the NIMH, the NIA, and AHRQ.  She directs the Implementation Research Institute, a training program in implementation science funded by the National Institute for Mental Health, and serves as a core faculty member for a similar training program supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). She also leads the Center for Dissemination and Implementation for the Washington University Institute for Public Health, the Dissemination and Implementation Research Core for Washington University’s CTSA program, and dissemination and implementation research cores for research centers in the areas of cancer and diabetes.   She directs the Center for Mental Health Services Research at Washington University, launched and supported for 20 years with NIMH support.