Kat Kuzmeskas, MPH is the CEO and Co-Founder of SimplyVital Health, Inc. which is leveraging blockchain technologies to improve data mobility in healthcare. Kat left Yale New Haven Health in December 2016 to launch SimplyVital because she sought to solve an actual problem she had as a hospital administrator - she needed the platform she now sells.

Their first platform, ConnectingCare brings providers together from different clinical affiliations, uses blockchain to create an immutable audit trail, and provides strategic and clinical insights from machine learning algorithms to help providers succeed in Value Based Care programs such as bundled payments.

This platform quickly validated the hypothesis that adoption of visionary blockchain applications requires a "healthcare-grade" blockchain protocol - so they are building it. This protocol, Health Nexus, is a blockchain protocol safely adoptable by healthcare with many application and new revenue stream opportunities for healthcare providers and companies.

Kat is combining her experience with Teach For America, Masters in Public Health, and clinical strategic and analytic work to grow and scale SimplyVital Health. In April 2017, Fortune Magazine named her among the 34 Leaders Who Are Changing Health Care. She earned a Master of Public Health from UCONN on a full scholarship, Bachelors from Austin College in Texas, and is a 2007 Rio Grande Valley Teach For America Alumnus, a program that is more selective than Harvard Law.