Fuad Abujarad, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Yale University. He is recognized as an expert in the design and development of digital health tools , Informed Consent,  Elder Mistreatment UX evaluation, and system design.  He is currently studying the use of automated screening, motivational interviewing, virtual coaching, and mHealth to enhance identifying elder mistreatment at the point-of-care. Another project is examining the effect of enhancing e-referral to deliver a comprehensive, multi-sector-connected-service model via a community-driven coordinated-case-management approach to improve older adults’ capacity for self-care.  Dr. Abujarad is also studying the use of digital health to improve the Informed Consent process. In this study, he developed and evaluated a reusable infrastructure that will enable the informed consent process to be performed on handheld devices (e.g. iPads) utilizing interactive multimedia libraries (e.g. graphics, video clips, animations, presentations, etc.) designed to enhance patient comprehension and quality of care.

As a computer scientist, his research focused on software solutions for healthcare service challenges. His background in computer science enables him to refine the design, as well as implementation and deployment of digital health tools, that is easy-to-use, user-friendly, and feasible.