Just the Right Size

Some conferences are big and overwhelming, while others are small and lack diverse voices. Health Datapalooza offers a big conference feel in an intimate setting. The conference supports a healthy exchange of big ideas from a wide variety of voices in a setting where meaningful and action-oriented conversations take place.

Public-Private and Everything in Between

Health Datapalooza is unique in that it brings together diverse and influential voices representing both the public and private sectors, and offering different viewpoints - from industry leaders to policy makers, delivery systems to startups, academics to data liberators, patients to clinicians, and everything in between.


Datapalooza attendees expect to hear about the real world concepts and actionable steps that they can take back to their workplace – presented by both newcomers and senior leaders with first-hand experience using data to improve health and health care.

What’s in It for You?

Technology Industry
Hospital and Health Care Delivery Systems
Health Plans/insurers
Federal Agencies
Law and Governance
Patients and Consumers

Technology Industry

  • Learn from data liberators about the new technologies and applications that are unleashing data to strengthen health and health care.
  • Discover the innovations that are improving the performance of the health system.
  • Share creative consumer facing technologies to help people lead healthier lives.
  • Gain insight from leaders in the field on where challenges exist and where solutions are needed.

Hospital and Health Care Delivery Systems

  • Learn how to use consumer health data to become more efficient and deliver better care.
  • Explore ways to use data to both create and measure your value.
  • Discover how leveraging data and analytics can address challenging issues such as value-based purchasing, payment reform, population health, and patient engagement.
  • Learn how data sharing, use, and transparency are fueling innovation and business models that help re-define how we deliver and pay for health care.

Health Plans/Insurers

  • Learn how to leverage data to predict member outcomes and achieve financial sustainability in an environment with changing populations and dynamic payment models.
  • Discover how to use publically available data and internal resources to effectively assess and manage risk, project loss, align providers, and incentivize care delivery.
  • Explore innovations that are influencing practice patterns.  
  • Gain insight on how payers and providers, using data as a foundation, can work together to improve delivery of care.
  • Hear from experts on how to design high-value, high-performing networks.

Federal Agencies

  • Learn how access to new data and analytics can help inform health policy and decision-making.
  • Gain insight to how innovations and new methods can spot gaps in the health system and offer solutions – to deliver better care and build healthier communities. 
  • Discover exciting ways in which publicly available information can be used to advance biomedical science and health care.
  • Explore innovations that show how new knowledge can be derived from existing data sources to advance understanding of issues such as clinical trials, environmental exposures and neuroscience.

Law and Governance

  • Discover the new ways in which consumer health data is being used to improve health and health care.
  • Hear from the experts on how to balance a commitment to both data sharing as well as privacy and confidentiality for true transformation in health care.
  • Learn about data security and privacy concerns in a new age of health information technology.
  • Understand how information security is being built to protect health information.
  • Gain insight into the compliance issues and regulations surrounding the use of health data.

Patients and Consumers

  • Contribute your voice to a meeting designed and planned by patients for a discussion of health accessibility and consumer choice.
  • Gain insight into how consumer data is being used to improve both access and quality of health care – and how to ensure your place in the discussion.
  • Be involved in the big decisions to improve health and health care for all.

Researchers and Academics

  • Learn how you can leverage the increased volume, variety and velocity of data to inform your research.
  • Accelerate your ability to use data from new sources by learning from innovative researchers in the field.
  • Meet with fellow researchers tackling some of the biggest challenges in health care – from electronic clinical quality measures to system science to predictive analytics.
  • Discover the new technologies and innovations that are making health research more efficient and effective.    
  • Be among the first to gain access to new data releases and connect with others who are turning data into meaningful tools.