The following events take place Wednesday, April 25th, a day prior to the Health Datpalooza.

In March 2018, CMS released the BlueButton2.0 API built using the HL7 FHIR Specification. The reception from the healthcare industry has been incredibly positive, and CMS BlueButton2.0 is being held up as a new model for consumer access to their health data. offers an opportunity for developers, patients, providers, payers and other innovators to come together to collaborate on the roadmap for both a broader release of health data and wider adoption across the industry - all with the consumer in control of whom which they choose to share their data. is the leading healthcare un-conference. You, as a participant, will actively shape the discussions. Leading sponsors and thought leaders will kick off the event with a series of short fire-starter talks to light the innovation flame and spark in-depth discussions for the rest of the day. View this year's schedule.

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