AcademyHealth and the National Information Center for Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) recently hosted a student research competition for AcademyHealth student members.

The competition asked students to use data from the Health Services Research Projects in Progress (HSRProj) database to identify a thought-provoking HSR topic on which there seems to be insufficient research or funding.

On May 19, 2017, five finalists presented their work to a panel of judges who selected one winner. View the winning presentation here:


Title: Underrepresentation of Health Information Technology Studies in the Context of Accountable Care Organizations: An Exploration of HSRProj

People: Robin Danek, Nate Apathy, and Casey Balio

Robin Danek, Nate Apathy, and Casey Balio from Indiana University’s Fairbanks School of Public Health present findings on research projects studying accountable care organizations (ACOs). Using the HSRProj April 2017 file, the team found a gap in ACO-related projects focusing on empirical evaluation of health information technology (IT) within ACOs. Health IT has been widely cited as important to the success of ACOs in terms of quality improvement, population health outcomes, and cost containment. The team proposes the creation of a novel data set to fill this gap in the study of health IT in the context of ACOs.

(In no particular order)

Title: Emergent Trends in Research to Increase Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials by Underrepresented Populations: A Qualitative Analysis of the HSRProj Database

People: Lynette Hammond Gerido

 Lynette Hammond Gerido, a doctoral student at Florida State University's iSchool, presents a qualitative analysis of the HSRProj database for disparities in cancer clinical trials participation research.

Title: Effect of Integrating Pharmacogenetic Testing in Buprenorphine Management on Treatment Outcomes for African American Patients

People:  Adaku Ofoegbu, Kevin Nguyen, and Iman Ahmed

Adaku Ofoegbu, Ph.D student, Kevin Nguyen, and Iman Ahmed, doctoral students at Howard University, present findings on their research on whether there is a gap in funded projects that integrate pharmacogenetic testing into buprenorphine management. The team proposes that the gaps in this research be addressed by conducting a cohort study in African American patients comparing buprenorphine management standard of care versus guided by pharmacogenetic testing.

Title: Absence of Studies on Retail Clinic Chronic Disease Care

People: Elizabeth Danielson

Since 2015 retail health clinics have been expanding their services to include the treatment of chronic conditions. Despite calls to action, including one from the American College of Physicians in 2015, to investigate the safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of chronic disease management, these questions remain unanswered (1).

1. Daniel, Hilary, and Shari Erickson. "Retail Health Clinics: A Policy Position Paper from the American College of PhysiciansACP Policy Position Paper on Retail Health Clinics." Annals of internal medicine 163, no. 11 (2015): 869-870.

Title: A Review of the HSRProj Database to Identify Gaps in Research on Patients Experiencing Homelessness

People: Elizabeth Golembiewski

Elizabeth Golembiewski, a doctoral student at Indiana University, presents a review of past and present funded health services research to identify temporal, geographical, and topical trends and areas for further study in research on patients experiencing homelessness.

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