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About Health Datapalooza

The Health Datapalooza convenes a diverse audience from the public and private sectors to learn how health and health care can be improved by harnessing the power of data and technology.

This one-of-a-kind conference offers meaningful, cross-sector discussions around the future of health data  – and how it's being used to challenge current practices and trigger changes in health care.

Datapalooza attendees share the latest innovations and new methods for liberating data and creating actionable knowledge to drive health policy and practice. Hear from some of the top visionaries and thought leaders across the field and attend lively panels and engaging sessions that explore key questions and promising innovations in health data.

Download the 2017 onsite agenda book.

What Attendees Are Saying

"Health Datapalooza offers a wonderful and panoramic lens into the wild world of health information how it's generated, shared, and applied. It also shows us how far we have to go to a truly data-driven transformation of health care and health outcomes." – 2017 Datapalooza Attendee

"This is my 2nd Health Datapalooza and I again came away energized with a wealth of new learnings. The mix of speakers, ideas, interaction, and information is extraordinary and I have already recommended the conference to many of my colleagues" – 2017 Datapalooza Attendee

"This was an excellent and informative conference where real world concepts and applicability were blended into actionable stories that I could take back to my organization to implement." – 2017 Datapalooza Attendee

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