AcademyHealth’s Interest Groups (IGs) will hold their Annual Pre-Conference Sessions before the Annual Research Meeting (ARM) on Saturday, June 23. Individuals can attend up to two half-day sessions or one full day session. Registration also includes the IG Poster Session. The IG sessions have been slotted based on the likelihood of intersecting members.

View the 2018 ARM IG Pre-Conference Sessions agenda>>

Join your peers in an intimate setting to exchange knowledge, disseminate research findings, inform policy and clinical decision-making, build research skills, and network with those sharing common goals.


To register for both the Annual Research Meeting and a IG session, use the green online registration button above. If you would like to register for the IG sessions only, and not the full ARM program, or if you wish to add an IG session(s) to your pre-existing ARM registration, please use this registration form. Indicate your selection and fax, email ([email protected]), or mail the form to AcademyHealth. Online registration cannot process IG session only registration.

Saturday, June 23

Time Session(s)
8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Full-Day Session
  • Child Health Services Research
    • Room: 606 (Level Six)
8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Full-Day Session

  • State Health Research and Policy
    • Room: 609 (Level Six)
8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. Half-Day Concurrent Sessions
  • Behavioral Health Services Research
    • Room: 615/616 (Level Six)
  • Disabilities Research
    • Room: 617 (Level Six)
  • Global Health and Health Care
    • Room: 613 (Level Six)
  • Health Economics
    • Room: 619/620 (Level Six)
  • Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues
    • Room: 611/612 (Level Six)
  • Public Health Systems Research
    • Room: 618 (Level Six)
  • Surgical and Perioperative Care
    • Room: 614 (Level Six)
  • Translation and Communications
    • Room: 613 (Level Six)
12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Combined Interest Groups Poster Session
2:15 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
  • Health Information Technology
    • Room: 618 (Level Six)
2:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Half-Day Concurrent Sessions
  • Disparities
    • Room: 608 (Level Six)
  • Health Workforce
    • Room: 611/612 (Level Six)
  • Long Term Services and Supports
    • Room: 607 (Level Six)
  • Oral Health
    • Room: 617 (Level Six)
  • Quality and Value
    • Room: 615/616 (Level Six)

“Best of IGs” Session at the ARM

This year, we are selecting 3-4 of the top Interest Group abstract submissions for presentation at a special session titled "Best of IGs." This special session will be held during the Annual Research Meeting, June 24-26.

Twitter Hashtags for Interest Groups

Each AcademyHealth Interest Group has its own hashtag. Feel free to add the hashtags below to your tweets and Facebook posts:

Interest Groups (IG) Twitter Hashtags
Behavioral Health Services Research IG #AHBehavioralIG
Child Health Services Research IG #AHChildIG
Disability Research IG #AHDisabilityIG
Disparities IG #AHDisparitiesIG
Global Health and Health Care IG #AHGlobalIG
Health Economics IG #AHEconIG
Health Information Technology IG #AHHealthITIG
Health Workforce IG #AHWorkforceIG
Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues (IRGNI) #AHIRGNI
Long-Term Services and Supports IG #AHLongTermIG
Oral Health #AHOralHealth
Public Health Systems Research IG #AHPHSRIG
Quality and Value IG #AHQualValIG
State Health Research and Policy IG #AHStateIG
Surgical and Perioperative Care IG #AHPeriopIG
Translation and Communications IG #AHTranComIG
Women and Gender Health IG #AHGenderIG