Ms. Rein is a Senior Director for Evidence Generation and Translation at AcademyHealth, where she directs several projects that investigate how new sources of data and expanded stakeholder engagement are helping transform health, care and research.

Ms. Rein leads the Community Health Peer (CHP) Learning Program, a partnership with ONC to establish a national peer learning collaborative for 15 competitively awarded communities to address specified population health management challenges through increased sharing and use of electronic data. The CHP program builds on the Beacon Community Cooperative Agreement Program, which Ms. Rein helped to support by identifying, documenting and disseminating results and lessons learned from these community-based initiatives.

Ms. Rein is the principal investigator of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Pilot Projects Learning Network, which actively manages and facilitates collaboration among 50 pilot projects to advance the field of patient-centered outcomes research. She also leads the AcademyHealth Consumer Patient Research (CPR) Roundtable, and contributes to several projects that focus on building the data and human infrastructure needed to support patient-centered learning health systems.

Ms. Rein has expertise in health IT and exchange policy, stakeholder engagement, comparative effectiveness research, information management and governance and community-based improvement, and has written and presented on a number of these topics. With nearly 20 years of experience in the health care field, she brings a range of skills to her work, including technical assistance design and execution, collaborative network development, research design and policy analysis.

Prior to joining AcademyHealth, Ms. Rein was assistant director of food and health policy at the National Consumers League. Ms. Rein holds a master's degree in public policy analysis from the University of Rochester.

Ms. Rein's areas of expertise include health information technology and exchange, consumer engagement, patient-centered outcomes research, quality improvement, and comparative effectiveness research.

Why HSR?

"The field of health services research has historically been constrained by three things: funding, data and cross-disciplinary collaboration. While the first issue remains, there has never been a more opportune time to draw insights from new data types and sources, and to engage a much broader range of perspectives in the research process. Through my work at AcademyHealth, which supports joint learning and collaboration, I have the opportunity to help the field advance on both fronts.”

Authored by Alison Rein, M.S.